Is The Best iPhone Case For Me A Sleeve Design? May 29 2018, 1 Comment

Loving the new iPhone X, so we created a few new colours in our case range, checkout in store the new iPhone X cases to clean and protect your precious iPhone X, front and back......

Why I choose a pouch/sleeve to protect my iPhone from damage?

Because I’m a clumsy sort of person, you would expect me to favour the bumper iPhone case  or even a snap on type of case for my beautiful, elegant but fragile and vulnerable iPhone 7.

But no!! I love the pouch sleeve case.

Although the iPhone 7 is naked when it comes out of it's iPhone case for use, I pop it back in to the sleeve iPhone case when I am out and about, travelling to work, shopping or popping out for a coffee.  This usually entails my iPhone being thrown into my handbag with my purse, makeup bag, keys etc and the sleeve design gives 360° protection against the risk of getting my iPhone 7 damaged or even worse a broken screen.

And because I choose the faux sugar purple window iPhone case, it’s easy enough for me to find when I go to  look for it in my vast handbag.

NueVue's rescue puppy Poppy with one NueVueProducts marketing girls.

When I’m out walking my pups, having the case makes the iPhone feel safe, if I were to drop it on the pavement or in a puddle, it’s completely protected.

Surprisingly for me, my iPhone still looks like new which is very fortunate, because last September I got my iPhone 7 on an Apple Business Contract, if you don't know - through Apple you pay for you iPhone monthly, and the next year - like now - you can change it for the latest model.  You do however have to give Apple back an iPhone which is in good condition, otherwise you are penalized for any knocks, bumps and scratches.  NueVue faux leather case to clean your screen

This iPhone 7 is over a year old and it is almost immaculate.  Just using my NueVue case to rest my phone on when I'm not using it, and obviously I pop it in the pouch when I'm on the go.

NueVue pouch cleaning cases are available in quality vegan approved faux leather and top grain napa leather which comes with a 5 year warranty.

So now you know why I find a sleeve design, which gives super iPhone protection for me, maybe it's the type of case that would work for you too.

Please let me know below what your thoughts are and share with a friend if they're as clumsy as me!