The simple question we ask that is the foundation of the NueVue Cases brand February 07 2021, 0 Comments


When I was a kid, and did any job around the house, like cleaning the car to earn my pocket money.

I’d shout for my dad and call him out and say I was finished.

He’d come out and say “Son, are you proud of your work?”

I’d always send him away and call him back sometime later and he’d ask the same question.

This time I’d answer “Yes, please can I have my pocket money?”.

It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten.

So when we we’re creating our NueVue Cases for  iPhone and iPad we worked 1,000’s of hours working long days and into the night, tweaking and adjusting the designs, stitching, threads, logo and materials.

We tested, well not 1,000,000’s, but certainly 1,000’s of blends of microfibre to find the mix of individual fibre size, shape and length for our lining.

All until we were proud of what we created.

A totally unique range of iPhone and iPad Cases where fashion meets function.

Cases that are beautifully handcrafted, to have, hold and are proud to own.

Cases that protect against drops and damage, with a unique lining that both cleans the screen of dirt and grease whilst killing germs and viruses to help break the transmission of illness that make us ill.

“Son, are you proud”?

The ethos behind every case we make, every contact with our customers, suppliers and colleagues!