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1. Where can I get a NueVue case?

Genuine NueVue cases are available to buy online today or from Etsy, Amazon and Ebay and more.

2. What's behind the cleaning action?

At NueVue, we use our own unique microfibers, which are anti-microbial and anti-static — and designed to clean delicate surfaces safely.

3. How do I know my NueVue case is the best quality?

We inspect the quality of our materials and process at every stage of the manufacturing process, and nothing gets released unless it meets our highest standards.

4. What does my warranty cover?

If your NueVue case doesn't withstand reasonable wear-and-tear during a 12-month period from the date of purchase, you may be entitled to a free replacement.

5. How does my NueVue case work?

Simply slide your smartphone or tablet into the NueVue case, grip the case and apply gentle pressure, and eject the device using the bottom slot with one continuous motion. That’s all it takes to have a clean device every time.

6. How do I ensure the best cleaning action?

  • Make sure you use your NueVue case without any add-ons like bumper cases or screen protectors.
  • Before you start using your NueVue case, clean the phone or tablet screen with the wipe we’ve included in the package. Make sure you clean off any existing "stuck on" grease and grime.
  • Insert the phone or tablet so that it sits squarely in the case. Both side edges of the case should line up with the edges of the device. After a couple of days of use, the case will “shape” around the phone or tablet and fit squarely.
  • As you insert and remove the phone or tablet, apply light pressure on the case’s surface to ensure that the microfibers maintain contact across the screen’s surface. If your fingers or thumb don't cover the width of the case, then turn the device face down in the case so that more of your hand can apply the pressure. Remember, if the microfibers don't "touch" the screen’s surface, they can't clean — so make sure you aren't squeezing the outside seamed edges of the case and causing the microfibers to lift away from the screen. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to use the "ejection" slot at the bottom of the case to push the phone up.

7. How do I take care of my NueVue case?

Keep in mind that the microfibers in your NueVue case are designed to clean finger grease and smears (dirt generated by human interaction with the case), not grease and grime from external sources like food and make-up.

8. How do I ensure the best cleaning action?

  • If you have a leather case, we recommend a general purpose cleaning every month, using a leather polish or a furniture polish like Pledge and gently rubbing the surface with a soft cloth. (If a more thorough cleaning is required due to heavy exposure to dirt and grim, or every 3 months, try using a household cleaner like Mr. Muscle).

This will keep the leather soft and nourished — and keep your case looking like new.

  • If you have a canvas or cotton twill case, a general purpose cleaning can be done by lightly rubbing the material with a moist baby or face wipe (make sure it’s not too wet, though).
  • After cleaning you may notice a slight transfer of the color from the dye. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

8. Should I do an “interior microfiber” cleaning from time to time?

Yes, we advise you to clean the inside of the case periodically and recommend a stain remover aerosol called K2R, which is available for purchase online on Amazon and in most hardware stores worldwide. A “Dry Hair Shampoo” aerosol spray also works well — and leaves a nice refreshing scent, too.

Follow this simple procedure:

  • Apply 2 or 3 short sprays to the microfiber case lining (both sides).
  • The spray will dry into a white powder, which you should leave on for at least 10 minutes or longer — ideally overnight to allow the product to lift any grease out of the microfibers.
  • After this waiting period, lightly brush out the dried power from the microfibers with an "old" toothbrush.
  • Make sure all the powder is brushed out.
  • Repeat as necessary.

That’s all there is to it. This simple procedure will keep the internal microfibers working like new.

9. I have a question that isn't answered in your FAQs.

No problem. Just send your question to We appreciate your feedback and will respond as quickly as possible.