Top Valentines Gift February 10 2021, 0 Comments

FOR HIM                                                FOR HER

Keep your phone                          Where technology 

like new.                                        meets Fashion                        

“Well what I’m looking for .....” is what we often hear at this time of year.

 Here at NueVue, we believe that we all deserve a little pick-me-up mid-February, especially right now!

 Let's go beyond flowers and chocolate, with a beautiful handcrafted by artisans iPhone or iPad case.

 NueVue leather cases come with a 5 year leather guarantee and for our animal lovers we offer a huge choice of faux leather cases that are uniquely approved for vegans by both PETA and VegSoc.

 Not only lovingly crafted, the slim design doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk and snuggly holds your device to protect against the knocks and bangs of every day life.

 However, the real magic of our cases is our patented lining that made up of over 5 millions individual fibres designed to clean the screen of eye straining dirt and greasy finger marks. Into which we infuse every fibre with a world leading antimicrobial formula that has been independently laboratory tested and proven to effective in deactivating multi-Coronavirus strains, common seasonal influenzas, bacteria, MRSA and many other pathogens that cause illnesses.

 There’s no dilution or transfer of our antimicrobial formula, so the protection works a full strength each minute of every day, forever.

 When asked we often say “anyone can make a beautiful Pink iPhone case but only NueVue make a beautiful Pink iPhone case that will clean the screen and destroy nasty little germs and viruses!”.

So for the perfect Valentine’s gift! At NueVue you'll be sure to discover something special to send a loved one.

Whoever you are planning to surprise on the 14th of February, make it utterly unique with one of our cases and get an save an additional 10% too.