AirPods Tricks and Tips - For Deep Cleaning. August 02 2021, 0 Comments

How To Keep Your AirPods Clean?

Fed up of dirty, greasy, waxy AirPods that have lost their sound quality? It's helpful to clean them regularly, whilst being careful not to damage them. Follow these top tips for keeping them clean,fresh and helping to protect their sound quality; just like the day you first got them!

Basic Clean

Whilst AirPods are hyped as being water and sweat resistant that doesn't mean that they are water or sweatproof and they can still become a little unhygienic after each use.  Apple suggests using a soft, lint-free cloth. This can be slightly dampened with fresh water as long as all components are dry before using it again. Be mindful though, that the wireless charging case for the AirPods is not waterproof nor is it water resistant, so be careful that moisture does not get in any openings. If your case comes in contact with liquid, dry it by placing it upside down with the lid open.

What to Avoid

They say resist using soaps, shampoos and any other solvents when attempting to clean them. You really shouldn't submerge them in water, including placing under taps. So, don't forget to take them out of your pocket when doing laundry! Sharp objects are also not to be used.

Cleaning Silicone Ear Tips (AirPod Pro)

For the AirPods Pro, Apple says it's okay to remove the ear tips and rinse them with water as long as you stick with their no solvents rule. Just pull off the ear tip itself and rinse. Make sure they are completely dry before reattaching them. If you have accumulated water in the ear tip, for example after a sweaty workout, then tap the AirPod on a dry cloth with the ear tip opening facing downwards. As a little side note, whenever reattaching the tips remember that they are oval shape and need to be lined up before clicking them back on.

Five Deep Clean Hacks

Finding that the Apple guidelines isn't giving them the deep clean they well and truly need? No worries! Check out the following life hacks using everyday items you're likely to have at home, such as: Blu Tack, Cotton buds, toothpicks and hand sanitiser.

Hack 1 Grab a toothpick and gently use it to clear around the exterior of speaker edges and grooves; this will help remove any build-up from around the outside. Have a piece of damp tissue handy to wipe off any residue that comes away as you don't want to be moving the dirt around; you need to actually remove it! If using this hack, exercise caution as to not dig into the areas rather it’s to be used as a gentle lifting tool.

Hack 2 – Got a bit of Blu tack to hand? Roll it into a ball and push it carefully into the mesh. Remove it, re-roll it and repeat. This will pick up any debris from inside. This will not only keep the Pods clean, but it may also sort out any volume problems you may be facing in one or both of the headphones. You can use this hack for both the earpieces and microphone meshes. Some people say you can pick out the wax and grime using a toothpick; however, this is more likely to push the dirt further inside or, even worse, end up damaging them.

Hack 3We've all got plenty of hand sanitiser around these days so dip a cotton bud into it and wipe off any excess. Gently rub it over the surface of your AirPods for a fresh, clean, sanitary look and feel. Remember, none of the lightning ports or AirPod connectors are meant to get wet so avoid these areas when using this hack.

Hack 4Don't forget, you can clean your charging case too. Using a microfiber cloth and soft-bristled (clean) toothbrush. A cotton swab/Q-Tip will allow you to remove dirt and grime from inside the charging case itself. Use it cautiously as you don’t want to damage any of the connectors inside the bottom of the charger unit itself.   If you want to brighten up the rest of the case, repeat hack three as above taking care not to get any liquid on the unit connectors or inside the charging port. Make sure all parts are dry before using.

Hack 5 If you happen to have a hairdryer around you can use it to blow away any bits of debris that you may have, it’s particularly helpful for clearing the lightning connector port and inside the charging unit itself. Ensure that your dryer is set to a ‘cool’ setting. Using a hairdryer avoids the temptation to bang the case and ear pods on a table-top or your knee, which we strongly advise against doing!

And … you're done! Enjoy using your good as new AirPods as Apple intended them to be!




Notice of Risk

A word of caution, work lightly as the pods, mesh and charging connectors inside the case can be damaged if care isn’t taken.

The information included herein is our own experience and we do not accept liability for any damage. The information herein is not advice and we accept no responsibility for how others act in relation to this document.