Veganuary 2017 - 15% Discount on all Vegan iPhone & iPad Cases January 20 2017, 0 Comments

Veganuary 2017 - 15% Discount on all Vegan iPhone & iPad Cases During Veganuary 2017 use discount code veg15  to get 15% discount on all Vegan cases.

Now my big passion is animals, all animals, all shapes and sizes. I just feel we should be loving and protecting our little friends.  The world can be cruel and harsh to the vulnerable and we should look after them, not abuse them.  

These two little pups are our babies, and the scruffy pup Poppy we got from a rescue centre at the beginning of May 2016.  She is smelly and scabby, but we love her, and all my pay goes on her vet bills.

So, with this in mind, when my husband created his amazing NueVue cases, to clean and protect the iPhone and iPad, I felt I couldn't sample and use his leather product.  He was very sympathetic to my cause, and so created the beautiful, quality vegan leather range of NueVue cases for me, and all the other people who want a quality, animal friendly case.

This is the Sugar Purple Window case, which is what I use, Purple being my favourite colour, for my iPhone 7, and it keeps my iPhone looking like new.

NueVue Ltd are so proud of our Vegan cases, we have got them approved by both PETA and the Vegetarian Society.