If Superman had an iPhone 7 he’d use a NueVue Case February 14 2017, 0 Comments

We all love our Superheroes I guess it’s the kids in us..

Superman was one of my favourites and a thought crossed my mind yesterday that he’d love one of our amazing cases so let’s jump in and I’ll explain why.

For me the leap to linking Superman was quite easy, and hope you'll agree was logical one when you finish reading in a minute.  There’s an important, if boring, bit I need to cover first; so let’s take it as read that Superman, when he’s being boring, unassuming, Clark Kent, he would want a “really nice case” so bear with me for a couple of seconds whilst I cover this before we get to the "Superhero" bit of the story.

Well take it from me, and check out our reviews, NueVue cases are more than nice, even better than super nice being handcrafted from the finest USA premium leather or vegan, approved by Peta, animal friendly faux leather and stitched using the highest quality marine grade thread whilst offering up to a 5 year warranty. Sounds better than "super nice" to me.

I’m not a professional writer, just the guy who created NueVue, and I’ve tried to get to the "good bit" as quickly as possible, so here goes.

But as we all know Clark has a dual role in life his "Superman" role were he needs to battle the bad guys, the dirty guys, and the guys that would hurt us.

So to compare with Superman a NueVue iPhone or iPad case firstly needs to offer the best protection for the fights and skirmishes of dealing with baddies and the knocks and bangs of life, the pockets, keys and handbags et al, something which a NueVue sleeve pouch all enveloping designs does with easy.

Secondly, the role we really love Superman for dealing with the baddies that he meets; the dirty, and evil guys that can cause us harm or hurt our families, and amazingly handles them in a quiet, silent and if necessary in the deadly way.


And hey! our NueVue cases operate on the same tough Superman principles, being hard on the bad guys, not letting them have an easy ride, or letting them get away with their evilness. Those greasy eye-straining fingerprints on your screen our cases just Zap them away with a slide every time you use your phone; that wasn't too difficult. OK, you may ask, but what about dealing with the real tough harmful guys, that could take a bit more effort, the nasty guys that hide on your iPhone, the bacteria that cause sore throats, stomach upsets and worse; we destroy these guys in second. Seem like nothing is too tough for our Superhero case.


NueVue cases really are the Superhero cases for iPhone and iPad lovers whether it’s for Superman, SuperDad or SuperMum.

If you’re just looking for beautifully handcrafted case, or like us hate a dirty screen or those nasty little germs then we have a solution for everyone.

Oh! and we haven't forgotten that Superman has a loving gentle side too - enter on queue Lois Lane. Well just like Superman our NueVue cases have a soft warm side too the gentle soft fibers of our unique lining will hold your iPhone snugly and being anti-static will protect from harmful shocks. 


Check out our cases and the rest of our site to learn more about our amazing screen cleaning and antibacterial lining the science and technology behind it. Microfiber less than 1/100 the thickness of a human hair or the antimicrobial technology that works at full strength forever and is the same technology as the world’s best hospitals use to keep us safe and healthy.

And if you’d like to tell us about another Superhero who you think would love a NueVue case, or like this blog, or not, let us know.

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