All I want for Xmas... is a clean iPhone screen - the perfect case November 21 2016, 0 Comments

Looking for the ideal Christmas present for the one you love, the technology person in your life, or just maybe yourself.  Well NueVue has the answer to this age old problem.

Our beautifully handcrafted, napa leather, faux leather and cotton twill iPhone and iPad sleeve cases will not only look and feel good, they will give your iPhone or iPad a clean screen and kill the bacteria on your device.

It is interesting to know just what is lurking on your iphone or ipad, although we get to see the smudged fingerprints, we don't see the bacteria, so I suppose we just forget it's there. These bacteria are not all harmful, but some can cause you skin infections or colds, or many other unpleasant symptoms.  We also know that the vulnerable, those with low immune systems don't need these extra germs in their lives.

This great review from Lets Talk Tech will give you a great idea of how good a Xmas gift you could really give your loved one.