The very best iPhone and iPad Case June 20 2017

Looking for a unique, quality napa leather, cotton twill or faux leather case for your Apple iPad or iPhone, well look no further. NueVue offer a self cleaning, beautifully handcrafted case, that cleans and protects your screen, killing the bacteria on your device too.

Check out these two amazing reviews from tech bloggers who are respected in the technology community, which shows you the quality of our beautiful cases.

We look after your device whilst it's in our case, cleaning and protecting, because NueVue cares.

Having a clean screen will protect your eyes and stop you getting headaches.  Also a phone free from bacteria, will stop you getting spots and acne - have you noticed how warm your screen is when you are talking on your phone.

iPhone cases available in quality vegan leather and soft napa leather.

iPad cases available in quality vegan leather and soft cotton twill and canvas.

All cases come with specifically sourced microfiber interior, which is infused with BioCote - the same technology used in leading hospitals - to clean your screen and kill the bacteria on your device.